One thing we all have in common is the want for clear and beautiful skin.

Three Skin Resolutions To Make Right Now

Often the resolutions we make at new year are ones we know to be unachievable, like give up chocolate forever? We think it’s better to be a bit more realistic, and choose resolutions you know you can stick to and ones which won’t be miserable task but a happy part of your day!

New year is a perfect time to adjust your skincare routine and and set clear guidelines for looking after your skin. Here are 3 skin resolutions to make right now, for happier and healthier skin in 2016!

photo-1422433555807-2559a27433bd1: Get enough beauty sleep.

Sleep is vital not only to your skin’s health, but your overall wellbeing and ability to function! A fresh face means you will be feeling confident and revived and ready to face the day, so try to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

Find it hard to get to sleep? Make time to really relax before you head to bed, and switch off electronic devices. Indulge yourself with a warm bath or a hot cup of herbal tea before crawling under the covers. Do try to avoid watching television immediately before bed as the brightness can overstimulate your senses and keep your brain more active than you would like!

_MG_0110 edit2: Stick to a simple routine.

Especially if you have oily or acne-prone skin, keeping your skincare routine simple and not overcomplicating it will do your skin a world of good.  Stick to a routine which will balance and care for your skin without aggravating it.

We value the effective yet gentle power of nature and love to showcase their healing powers in our skincare range, such as daisy-floweraloe vera, and oat kernel oil.

mobilephone3: Keep bacteria at bay.

To keep skin clean and fresh, avoid allowing spot and irritation-causing bacteria to come into contact with your face. The first step is to regularly wash your make-up brushes, which can harbour lots of bacteria!

Another is using antibacteiral wipes to clean your mobile phone – it may seem an unlikely culprit but mobiles spend so much time pressed up against your delicate cheek area, and dirty fingers from using phones then transfer grime to your face.

Finally, you can save your skin a lifetime of grief by not touching your face! It can be so tempting to pick at your skin, or rest your head in your hands, but by avoiding unwanted dirt on your skin you will be set for a 2016 with healthier and happier skin (and a happier you!)

What are your skincare resolutions? 



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