One thing we all have in common is the want for clear and beautiful skin.

Winter can be an especially troublesome time for those with acne-prone, sensitive or oily skin. You may want to spend a little extra care and make a few adjustments to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. If you’ve noticed a change in your skin’s condition, here are some tips on how to look after your skin in winter, keeping it in top-notch condition.

Face Base Face BalmMoisturise

Using a really hydrating moisturiser in your skincare regime is essential to banishing that horrible dry winter skin feeling. Using one such as our Face Base Face Balm gives your skin the hydration it needs, without any greasiness. It’s also ideal for use before applying make-up, acting as a mattifying base, which is perfect if your skin is prone to oiliness throughout the day.

Use Oils

Continuing on from moisturiser, using an oil enriched serum like our Fix Me! Repairing Serum is especially valuable to your skin during the chillier months. Our serum is enriched with argan oil for naturally hydrating results. It may seem a bit strange to apply oil to oily skin – but don’t worry, it can help enormously when it comes to hydrating your skin and also rebalancing your skin’s oil production.

Combat Rednessoats-701300_640

Treating your skin to an organic Balancing Toner is an effective way to return your skin to its optimal pH and soothe out any irritation and redness. Oats (Avena Sativa) are not just great for breakfast, but are a natural ingredient fantastic at calming and alleviating redness, which is why we use (and love) them in our toner.

Organic Cleansing

During the winter you may feel as though your skin appears more dull and grey – much like the weather. Using an organic cleanser such as our Take It Away! Gel Cleanser means your skin is properly looked after, with natural goodness and no harsh ingredients. Our cleanser is infused with sandalwood and vitamin C, both of which are marvellously hydrating and will leave your skin feeling renewed every single day.

fruit-924937_640Diet and Hydration

Aside from skincare, making sure that you are getting enough fruit and vegetables during the winter is important as they contain vital skin and health boosting vitamins and antioxidants. Try these three vegetables for glowing, healthy skin. Don’t forget to stay hydrated too, and drink at least 1.2 litres of water a day (about 6-8 glasses). It will do wonders for your skin.

What do you do during winter to look after your skin? We’d love to know, feel free to leave us a comment below.

We all know that real beauty starts from within – beginning with what you eat. Fruit and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals vital for our health and wellbeing, are a treat for the tastebuds, and are packed with skin-boosting goodness. Here is our roundup of our favourite three vegetables for healthy skin.


This humble green veg is a staple for many of us when it comes to dinnertime. Fantastically is full to the brim with vitamins such as vitamin C which contains skin-glowing antioxidants; vitamin E which is known to bring shine and glow to hair and skin; as well as omega 3 fatty acids which can prevent premature ageing and dryness. Go green!


Sweet Potatoes.sweet-potatoes-912635_1920

Not only are they delicious, but yes, sweet potatoes are also great for your skin. They are packed with anti-inflammatory vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E. All of these will encourage healthy, glowing skin, all while supporting your immune system. So don’t forget to load up on sweet potatoes next time you go grocery shopping (try making them into sweet potato fries, trust us).


Tomatoes, while technically a fruit, are mostly considered to be in in the vegetable arena by many. They are a fantastic addition to your diet either as part of a sauce, stuffed with couscous, or as a juicy snack. Just like broccoli and sweet potatoes, tomatoes are full of vitamin C, which cares for your skin. They also contain plenty of lycopene, which helps to protect you from UVA damage and contain powerful antioxidants to soothe and repair skin.

What are your favourite veggies?

Other vegetables loaded with goodness and wonderful for healthy skin are beetroot, spinach, and carrot – but certainly any variety of veg you can add to your diet, your skin will be very pleased about.

A hot cup of tea is a daily staple for many of us, no matter the weather. But have you considered herbal teas? Not to be underestimated, the vast array of herbal teas on offer all bring different benefits – for your digestion, your mental health, immune system – and your skin. Here are three of our favourite herbal teas great for your skin (and they taste delicious too).

Chamomile Flower


A classic when it comes to herbal tea, chamomile is made from a daisy-like plant, similar to what you’ll find in our Face Base Face Balm. In addition to its skin rejuvenating properties, chamomile has also shown to be soothing and calming, even for those suffering from anxiety or stress. We recommend enjoying yourself a cup of chamomile tea before bed, as it is known to have a mild sedative effect which will help send you straight off to sleep.

Hibiscus.hibiscus flower
Made from the gorgeously crimson coloured calyces of the
hibiscus flower, this herbal tea is known most generally for its antioxidants and ability to help lower blood pressure. Hibiscus’ antioxidants can help you to reverse signs of aging on the skin, healing lost moisture, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Its divine fragrance and slightly tart taste make it a winner for us.

rose petalsRose Petal. 

You might think roses are just good for smelling, but they contain high levels of nutrients including antioxidant vitamin C which is fantastic for fighting the appearance of aging and patches of dryness. Did you know you can make your own rose petal tea? Using roses growing in the garden, the petals can be brewed into an uplifting rose petal tea using a strainer or filter. Just be sure to use home-grown roses which don’t contain any pesticides.

What are your favourite herbal teas?

Other notable skin-boosting ideas include ginger, dandelion and (perhaps surprisingly) nettle. Why not try them all and find your personal favourite.

Over the last few days there have been many reports focusing on the causes and effects of adult acne.  At last!! People are now paying attention to what is such huge issue for the suffers of this condition, myself being one.  The issue has been covered by many large newspapers and online publications which is great as the more people that know about it, the better.

Acne doesn’t just sign off from your skin as soon as you turn 18.  For some of us its ongoing and there is no end in sight.  We go through treatment after treatment looking for a solution our problem, being repeatedly sold the dream that this product will work this time.  We visit countless dermatologists, undergo facial mapping and facial treatments hoping that this will be the one that will work.

I estimate that I spent around £3-5k searching for a treatment what will work.  I’m glad that this issue is now being thrust into the limelight as it has such a negative effect on people’s lives, what we need now is clarity on the causes so that people can have a better understanding of what causes the specific type of acne they have.

I suffer in particular with hormonal acne not helped by a diet high in sugar.  Whilst I have effectively treated the surface issue by going through the treatment mill and developing my own range of products for this skin type, I am now working on the internal causes that I can control.  The aspects for me to focus on now is increasing my intake of water and eliminating sugar from my diet (difficult as I’m addicted to the stuff!).

It would be great to hear about more treatments becoming available on the NHS for this condition (outside of roaccutane) and more access to dermatologists so that those who are not able to afford private treatment can have the opportunity to try alternative treatments that may work for them.

Having acne in your adult years is most difficult as you’re expected to be over it by this point in your life.  Acne is still associated with being a teenager, which I find ridiculous as your hormones don’t just switch off on your 18th birthday.

I’m really glad to see that this issue has been pushed to the forefront and I look forward to see that the response from the powers that be is and whether it will have a positive effect on those suffering with adult acne.


Founder, YTO

As our products are best suited to oily skin and those who regularly suffer with blemishes, we’re always keen to hear what people think of our products.  A good way of doing this is by engaging bloggers with oily skin to review and comment on our products. Our biggest lesson in doing this has been that those with the exact skin type we are targeting generally have fantastic results when using our products.  The fact that our new branding and packaging makes for a more attractive proposition on the store shelf is an added bonus for us.

Below is a selection of blogger reviews of our products.  The first by the Lovely Gracie Francesca (YTO products feature begins at 5:43)

Destination Delicious

Crystal and Vanilla

Do Beauty with Charlotte

Mum of a premature baby

This is a selection of a few reviews that we’ve received from beauty and lifestyle bloggers.  If you’ve recently purchased products from us, we’d like to know what you thought.  Please leave a review at the relevant product page.


Where are you off to on your hols?

Fresh off the plane from Miami (Partaay!!).  I am now reflecting on the skincare regimen I deployed whilst out there. Sharing a bathroom with four other girls for the first half of the holiday meant my skincare routine needed to be quick and effective, so I kept it to a simple cleanse, tone and moisturise with an SPF topped up with a simple powder foundation.

I found this to be quite effective at keeping my skin from being too oily but also ensured my skin was adequately moisturised and protected from the sun’s UV rays.  The irony is that I packed so many skincare products that I never used.  The climate was quite humid so I decided not to apply to many layers to my skin.  I packed many eye shadows, blushes and lip products but ended up not using any of them.

Its always difficult to prioritise when packing for a holiday as you want options but you don’t want to waste space in your suitcase with items you won’t end up using.  Often when in sunnier climates I prefer how my skin looks so I tend to use less makeup in favour of an au naturale look.  On this occasion it was definitely the case that I didn’t need half of the skincare products I had packed, even on nights out.

I would recommend just packing staples with a few optional extras rather than packing your entire skincare cabinet. Starting with a good organic cleanser like our Take it away! Gel cleanser and an organic toner like our Balancing Toner.  Following this you’ll need a good moisturiser with SPF.  At night an organic moisturiser like our Face Base Face Balm will suffice.

You should bear in mind the ease of application of the products you take with you.  I would have loved to take my Clarisonic with me but it wasn’t a practical choice for me as I only had 10 minutes in the bathroom each morning and evening so opted for a light manual wash in the morning and a double manual cleanse at night.  A slight break in your usual routine won’t have a negative impact on the condition of your skin.  A well formulated organic skincare travel set (look out for ours coming soon!) will provide you with the interim regimen that you’ll need to take you through your time away.

Where are you off to on your holiday this year?  What will you be packing?



Founder, YTO

This is a question that I often come across when out and about promoting Yours Truly Organics.  The presumption is that Organic products don’t have the same strength that their prescription or over the counter counterparts so and as such can’t be an effective tool and combatting oily skin.  Having the large majority of those products and knowing of their power first hand I can say that there is a difference between the mainstream oily/acne treatments and the organic alternatives.

Firstly, the mainstream products are generally not designed for long term use, they usually consist of a 12-16 week intense programme to clear up you complexion and reduce oiliness but leave you with nowhere to go but back on the programme a year later when you skin reverts to the original mess that it was to begin with.

Organic skincare is usually designed with long term use in mind. Products can be used consistently for months and years and offer results over time rather than a short, sharp programme.  They tend to use proven natural ingredients effective in the reduction of oily skin in a gentle manner rather than drying out your skin and giving the illusion of a reduction in oil which tends to happen with a lot of prescription strength products.

The Organic skincare industry is making great strides at dispelling a lot of the myths around the effectiveness of our products, the trouble is often in how far reaching that message is.  In order for us to prove that our products work we need to be readily available to those consumers with oily and acne prone skin at the moment they are making the decisions about which skincare treatment option will be best for them.

Therefore we need to widen our distribution to pharmacies, department stores and supermarkets.  Even though we know that many people buy beauty products online.  When choosing something for the first time, the customer wants to feel and touch the product in order to be sure of their decision to purchase.  This is where I think the organic beauty industry often misses out as retailers are sometimes nervous about investing in organic brands.

To overcome this we need to show evidence of the effectiveness of our products. For instance tried and tested reviews see ours here and trials – these can be pricey but can also act as a great addition to your marketing campaigns as backup for any claims that you’re making.  These are difficult decisions for small brands to make when weighing up budget and the need to generate sales but one of the most effective methods at overcoming consumer and retailer doubt over the effectiveness of organic skincare on the treatment of oily and acne prone skin.

Many brands are doing a fantastic job of shouting about the benefits of their products, but with the exception of a few there aren’t many brands whose voices extend beyond the green community.  We need to establish a voice in the mainstream so that all consumers whether interested in organic or not will know of the benefits of using our products and be confident that using them will help improve upon their skincare issues.

In answer to the question, YES I do believe that organic skincare can be the answer to oily and acne prone skin we just need to break down a few more barriers in order that other can know the same.



Founder, YTO

When looking for the best products for your oily skin you need to look into the key ingredients and assess whether they’ll be suited to your skin’s needs.  You also need to look at the percentage of the key ingredients within the product as this will determine how effective the product will be.  Before switching to organic skincare products, I used to look for those chemical ingredients I know would work.

For instance when looking for products to help with my acne in my early twenties, I would look for ingredients such as Salicylic Acid as it is an ingredient that is well known for being useful in the treatment of acne.  For acne scarring we all know that hydroquinone is a well-known and controversial ingredient that can be used for lightening scars.

But where to turn when it comes to organic ingredients for acne? And I’m talking powerful ingredients that really cut the mustard and are up there with their chemical counterparts.  Luckily for you we’ve got a great list and even better we’ve used them in our products.

NAME: Avenacare Oata Beta Glucan  

INCI: Beta Glucan or Beta Glucan (Oat)

— USED IN: Balancing Toner and Fix Me! Repairing Serum

  • Penetration of skin up to the dermis
  • Carrier for other substances into the skin
  • Reduces risk of sun-damage due to protection of langerhans cells
  • Helps in regeneration and repair of tissue due to macrophage stimulation (immune boosting effect)
  • Modulates / eases inflammation due to macrophage stimulation
  • Increased collagen synthesis via stimulation of fibroblast

Avenacare™ beta glucan is derived from oats and produced using a non-chemical process

It is the natural way to incorporate the rejuvenating power of oats into your cosmetics and personal care products. Caringly produced using the finest, locally-sourced, Swedish oats, Avenacare™ bestows the scientifically-proven, anti-aging properties of oat beta glucan on a wide range of skincare products. The soluble fibres of the oats are capable of penetrating their way through the intercellular lipid matrix of the skin to the deepest layers of the dermis, where they stimulate the synthesis of collagen to reduce wrinkles. As well as helping to restore vitality to the skin, Avena™care provides soothing, gentle relief for minor skin irritations, wounds and burns.

NAME: Pentavitin 

INCI: Saccharide Isomerate, Aqua, Citric Acid and Sodium Citrate

— USED IN: Balancing Toner

PENTAVITIN® is 100% natural and plant-derived with both ECOCERT approval and NATRUE certification. The unique Saccharide Isomerate (active) is formed by isomerisation of plant-derived D-glucose and similar to that of the carbohydrate complex found in human skin. It is suitable for both skin and hair care applications. PENTAVITIN® does not contain preservatives.

Gene expression studies have shown that PENTAVITIN® stimulates key genes to improve skin barrier function, and a variety of in vivo studies confirm its ability to strengthen the skin barrier and maintain deep hydration for 72 hours. This imparts a soothing action that, due to its unique binding mechanism, is not lost when contained in rinse-off products.

NAME: Gatuline® Skin-Repair BIO  

INCI: Alcohol, Water, Onopordum Acanthium Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract)

— USED IN: Fix Me! Repairing Serum

Extracted from the aerial parts of Onopordum acanthium, this active acts on keratinocyte differentiation to stimulate the optimal reconstruction of dry or damaged skin. It also helps the natural regeneration process for fresher, smoother and more radiant skin.

  • Skin barrier recovery
  • Epidermal regeneration
  • Collagen synthesis


INCI: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed oil, Beta-Sitosterol

— USED IN: Fix Me! Repairing Serum

REGU®-SEB is a clear, yellow to orange, slightly viscous solution containing polyphenol-rich fractions from the fruits of the North American saw palmetto and South American sesame seeds in a Moroccan argan oil base. It’s perfectly balanced polyphenol formula, consisting mostly of lignans and phytosterols, helps to control and reduce sebum production, especially in the T-zone area of the face.

NAME: BelidesTM ORG  

INCI: Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract

— USED IN: Face Base Face Balm

BelidesTM ORG is a skin-brightening agent derived from organic daisy flowers (Bellis perennis). Its action is based on a reduction of melanin activity, it provides even pigmentation and makes age spots less visible. BelidesTM ORG influences various pathways involved in melanogenesis. By decreasing the production of Endothelin-1 (ET-1) BelidesTM ORG reduces the UV-stimulated induction of melanin biosynthesis. In addition, the binding affinity of melanocyte-stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH) to its receptor and tyrosinase activity are both down regulated. Lastly melanosome transfer to keratinocytes through endocytosis is reduced.

These are just a few of the amazing natural and organic ingredients that you should look for when deciding on products to use in the fight against acne and oily skin which you will benefit from when using our skincare products.  So whether you’re looking for a toner for oily skin, moisturiser for oily skin or and effective serum for oily skin you’ll do well to check whether any of these key ingredients are included within the formulation.

Kelita x

Founder, YTO

FINALIST LOGO 2015 Balancing-Toner-100ml-01

We’re absolutely thrilled to be a finalist in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2015 category for Best Facial Toner!

You’ve been following your skin care regimen to a fault and eating healthily in addition but you can clearly see that the condition of your skin has worsened.  You continue on for another few weeks hoping that things may change, but every time you look in the mirror you can see that things haven’t improved and your skin’s condition has worsened even more.

It could be that your skin is looking greasier or you’re breaking out more than usual or you’re experiencing some discolouration.  You may be thinking to completely update your skincare regimen, which may be the solution but there are other things which you should consider trying first.

Could the issue be linked to any health problems you may be experiencing or be as a result of medication you are taking to treat a medical issue.  I would recommend reviewing all of the symptoms relating to your condition or side effects of your medication as a potential cause of your skincare woes before throwing out your current products.

Is there something in your diet that could be causing your recent breakout?  Maybe you’ve been eating a lot of fried foods of late or haven’t been drinking as much water as you usually do.  Any sudden changes in your diet could cause changes in your skin as your body struggles to cope with the excess sugar or fat you’ve been eating.

The issue could be a hormonal imbalance caused by your menstrual cycle if you’re a woman or an oestrogen/testosterone imbalance if you’re a man.  If you are taking contraception this can also be a cause for changes in the condition of your skin.  My journey on the path the Yours Truly Organics all began due to the effects of taking oral contraception as my skin struggled with the hormonal imbalance that resulted.  In this case I would recommend discussing a more suitable contraception plan with your GP as there are so many options available nowadays.

If you’ve been following our twitter feed recently you’ll see that we recently tweeted an article about the effect that not changing your bedding can have on your skin.  Bacteria can build up on your pillow case during the night so it’s particularly important that you change it at least once a week.

If you wear makeup regularly you’ll need to make sure that it is non-comedogenic which essentially means that it won’t block your pores and cause you to breakout.  I always struggle to find makeup that suits my very oily skin and tend to only wear a light layer to avoid the dreaded shine that can result a few hours later.  Also are you washing your makeup brushes regularly?  The recommendation is that they should be cleaned at least once a week as using dirty makeup brushes can only end up causing bacterial breakouts.

If the issues isn’t related to any of the above then you may want to look at the products your using as they may no longer be effective at keeping your skin clean and clear.  I wouldn’t recommend throwing them out but removing one product at a time from your regimen to assess any changes to your skin.  It may be the case that just one product is the cause of your skincare woes and this is a good way for you to identify which one is causing the problems.

My advice overall would be to consider your overall health when assessing why your skin’s condition has regressed in tandem with the consideration as to whether the issue is related to the beauty products you are using. A lot of the time changes in the condition of our skin can often go unexplained and can be attributed to one off blips that eventually reverse.


Founder, YTO