One thing we all have in common is the want for clear and beautiful skin.

A word from our founder – One for the brides


Going to the chapel……….

So you’re getting married.  Firstly congratulations! We know how excited you must be.  Enjoy this time of love and happiness, venue and dress shopping as well as hen and stag dos.  There is however another aspect to consider and that is the condition of your skin.  I’ve witnessed many brides unhappy with the condition of their skin in the lead up to their big day and have often asked them why they didn’t make a plan for having treatments beforehand.  Most brides I know have told me that it wasn’t something they’d previously thought about.

When considering the image you wish to portray on your wedding day, most brides tend to focus on the dress (obviously!), their hair and makeup, but I can tell you without a doubt that the state of your skin will most definitely impact how good your makeup looks and ultimately how good you will fell on the day.

It’s best to start thinking about treatments for your skin from six months to a year before your wedding.  Now I know that in many cases one doesn’t always have a year to plan their wedding and in those cases I would recommend thinking about seeing a skincare specialist as soon as possible.  If you are seeking treatment I would recommend booking a consultation with a dermatologist/aesthetician. Let them know that you are getting married, when you are getting married and what your skincare goals are for the day.  The dermatologist/aesthetician should then recommend a course of treatment tailored to your needs which should help you achieve your goals for the day.



During your consultation, it is vital that you provide as much information about your health, medications and overall diet in order that a holistic approach can be taken to your treatments.  A course of three to six treatments should go a long way towards achieving your goals.  Many clinics offer deals for bulk appointments so you may also benefit financially by booking in advance.

Your dermatologist/aesthetician can also recommend products for you to use in your daily routine to prolong the benefits of your treatments in between appointments.  In my early twenties I use to have monthly Dermalogica facials at a beauty parlour in my local area, it was there that I learnt to really take good care of my skin (for instance, I’ve been double cleansing every evening for the last ten years because of it and now double cleansing is seen as a new thing!).  I learnt about the cleansing, toning, treatment/repair stages of a skincare routine and when they should be applied.  These are all of the things that you’ll also benefit from when you begin a treatment programme.

Where to start?

How do I choose a clinic I hear you saying? There are so many to choose from and the temptation to source treatments from discounting sites to save money is very tempting but I would urge caution here.  You are planning for the probably the most significant day in your life, your face will be photographed many times and all eyes will be on you.  If you invest in anything, invest in a highly experienced, well qualified and recommended specialist, preferably in a clinic that specialises in skin care.  When looking at their website, see what qualifications they have and what specific treatments they offer and most importantly ensure that treatments are within your budget.

Most importantly you should be able to enjoy your treatments and feel the benefits straight away.  Ensure that your final treatment is no less than three weeks before that wedding to allow any inflammation that may occur the necessary time to subside.  Most importantly enjoy the day and I wish you the best in your future married life.


Kelita x


Yours Truly Skincare are now offering mobile facial treatments within the M25 (London) Costs start from £80 for an hour.  Treatments are tailored to the needs of the individual client.

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