One thing we all have in common is the want for clear and beautiful skin.

Getting Your Skin Party-Ready

We all want to look and feel our best when getting ready to attend a party – you never know who you might bump into! Whether you’ve got a festive family celebration planned, an office bash, or a dinner party with friends, here are some tips on how to get party-ready skin in three steps.

_MG_0110 editKeep it simple.

Using a nourishing, natural skincare routine is a vital part of keeping your skin happy and healthy. Three essentials are a gentle cleanser, a pH balancing toner, and a hydrating face balm.

Using a repairing serum is especially important for oily and blemish prone skin, as it regulates the production of oils and smoothes skin with oat kernel oil.


You are what you eat (and drink).apples-634572_640

We hate to admit it to ourselves sometimes, but it’s true that what we eat impacts the condition of our skin. The festive period especially is so full of tempting refined sugar, high fat sweets and alcohol, and it’s easy to overindulge.

Take everything in moderation – and be sure to drink plenty of water. A hot brew of herbal tea each morning or evening is a brilliant way to boost your skin with antioxidants and rejuvenating vitamins.

Aim for five fruit and vegetable portions a day, as they are vital for good health and wellbeing, plus full of skin-boosting goodness.



Prep skin for makeup.

When you have oily, combination or acne prone skin, your pre-makeup skin needs the hydration of a moisturiser but without any of the greasiness.

Our Face Base Face Balm is perfect as it acts as both a brightening moisturiser and a base for make-up: ideal for when you want your beauty look to stay in place all night.Your skin will be brightened and refreshed, ready to party.

What are your festive plans? You can keep up to date with all our goings-on during the holiday period over on Instagram.


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