One thing we all have in common is the want for clear and beautiful skin.

A word from our founder – Beauty for the modern woman

The second month of 2017 is upon us and already I’m looking at the calendar for the year ahead.  This is set to be a busy year for myself and the team at Yours Truly Skincare and as such time for leisure activities will be severely limited.  We live in a society where everybody is busier than ever and as such we need our products and services delivered to us more efficiently.

This busy-ness that we are all living has got me thinking about how beauty companies need to adapt in order to meet our customers’ needs. Looking at my own habits – I mainly order beauty products online but always take the option to click and collect wherever possible.  When click and collect is not an option, three working days is the maximum time I expect to wait to receive my order.  Before ordering any products for the first time, I’ll usually pop into store to try a sample first (Liberty are usually great for providing samples) or I’ll look for reviews written by customers or bloggers I trust (Caroline Hirons for me).

Waiting a long time for beauty orders to arrive can be a frustrating experience for the customer.  Have you ever waited so long for your order to be delivered that by the time it arrived you’d completely forgotten about it?  In recent months, there’s been huge focus on the level of service provided in Department stores, but I think there needs to be the same if not more focus placed on the level of service provided online.  At Yours Truly Skincare, while we take the time to replenish our stock, we’ll also be taking stock of our website, and the user experience of our brand from the first time you hear about us, to your first visit to our website and the delivery of our products to your destination of choice.

Our job is not only to make quality skincare products but to deliver them to you in a manner which meets the high standards that are required by our customers.  As more customers than ever are ordering their beauty products online and are increasingly using social media to make purchasing decisions. I would love to know what factors into your decision making – is it customer reviews, blogger reviews or just plain old word of mouth.

One thing I’m absolutely dying to know is what do you think when you see a blogger/influencer talking about a new product launch or their favourite products on Instagram and you see #AD at the end of the post.  Does this have a positive or negative influence your decision to buy that product?  Or do you trust their opinion so much that you would still take their recommendation regardless.  As we plan to invest more heavily into social media this year it would be great to know if this is an avenue worth exploring.

I’d really love to hear your thoughts.  What are your expectations of a beauty online store from initial contact, through to order and delivery? What is your number one source of influence when it comes to skincare and makeup purchases?



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